Mission Church is excited to partnered with Homes of Hope to build homes and bring hope to two families in desperate need in Tijuana, Mexico.  This will be an amazing opportunity to come together as a church family and make a lasting difference, not only in the lives of the families we build for, but for our group as well.  


WHEN: Friday, September 6th - Monday, September 9th, 2024

WHERE: Homes of Hope San Antonio Del Mar campus located just south of Tijuana, Mexico.

COST: $750 per person. $650 for kids 10 - 12. (Price Does Not Include Travel to and from San Diego International Airport)

Cost Includes: Food, Accommodations, Transportation, Staff + The Cost of Two Homes with Appliances and Furnishings.

// FOOD - all meals are provided, including water and snacks at the build site.
// HOUSING - HOH will have housing available at each of their campuses.
// TRANSPORTATION - HOH will provide transportation from and to the San Diego International Airport  and also to the build site.
// SAFE ENVIRONMENT - The HOH campuses are located in safe areas of the city.  They have security guards and take all precautions to give you a safe experience.
// STAFF - HOH will provide the necessary staff for our team. This includes builders, translators, host, drivers, cooks, admin, etc.
// OTHER - Wi-Fi, team member travel insurance, bedding in rooms, HOH shirt, etc.



do i need to be an expert builder to participate?

// No.  Participants of all skill levels are welcome and can contribute.  HOH build staff provides supervision and instruction.

do we have to bring our own tools?

// No.   HOH will provide us with everything necessary to build the house.  We bring the labor and they provide the staff and supervision

what's the need?

what are the benefits of a home?

// ECONOMIC - A debt-free home helps leverage families out of poverty and it is estimate that it sets them ahead economically 7-10 years.
// EDUCATIONAL - Children who come back to a home the parents own are three times more likely to stay in school. (End Homelessness)
// HEALTH - A home with a solid floor reduces parasitic infections by 78%, reduces diarrhea by 49% and dramatically improves cognitive development in children. (World Bank)
// TRANSFORMED THINKING - Home ownership produces healthy long-term thinking in the life of a family, helping to break the cycle of poverty in one generation.
// SPIRITUAL IMPACT - The gift of a home on land the family owns is a practical demonstration of God's love to an impoverished family.

// A child without a home is three times more likely not to attend school. (Source:
// 45% of the 127 million people of Mexico live below the poverty line.  (Source: The World Post)
// Children without adequate shelter suffer more from anxiety, depression, withdrawal and other mental health problems. (Source: National Organization for Homeless)
// By 2020 over one billion people will be living in slums with inadequate housing.  (Source: UN-Habitat Report)
// One in four Mexicans are classified as extremely poor and unable to afford adequate food or housing.  (Source: Washington Post Foreign Service)

How does a family qualify for a home?

// Families must first show initiative by purchasing the land the home is to be built on.
// Families must have at least one child and low income, typically less than $125 a week.
// Families must work hard to prepare their land for the new house to be built, often spending days clearing the site, removing their old house and even building retaining walls.
// Families must work together with the visiting group to build the house.
// The HOH staff does an average of four site visits to verify the family applying for the home is a qualified candidate.
// It is very difficult to calculate a family's actual need by simply using the metrics above, so HOH has an in-depth application process that is overseen by their dedicated staff.  Families come to their facility and apply in person.


// Yes!  We are asking that only kids 10+ participate.  Please be aware that this will be a working job site with power tools and sharp objects, and you will need to watch your child closely the entire time.  This type of environment may not be suitable for every 10 year old - only you know your child best, and what they can handle. There are also limits on the types of projects kids can work on (no power tools:).  The cost for kids ages 10-12 is $650.  After two oldest children ages 10 - 12 register, all remaining children in that age bracket have a 50% discount.  Please email us if you are registering more than two children ages 10 - 12, and we will help you register.

need financial help to attend the trip?

// Many people fundraise through support letters. You are surrounded by a community who would love to support the good work you are going to do.   We have a limited amount of  scholarship funds available as well, all are subject to approval.  If you are requesting financial assistance please email to begin the application process.

want to help with the trip financially?

// Mission Church covers the cost of both homes completely (about $25,000), and does not pass along the cost to attendees.  We also offset the cost of the trip for each attendee, so that more people can experience this incredible trip.  We can only do this because of the generosity of people at Mission Church.  If you would like to contribute financially towards the trip, you can do so by going to our GIVE PAGE and giving to our MISSION CARES fund.

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